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Our thought leaders:

helping you find your Giant

John Amaechi OBE

Founder (Everyday Jedi)

John Amaechi OBE has been handed obstacles to overcome since birth, and since then has proactively sought out peaks to climb and new accomplishments to eclipse. His life is littered with evidence of his overcoming of adversity, shunning self-doubt and wielding both pragmatic strategies and new-learned skills, as well as more esoteric psychological techniques to achieve what people routinely referred to as “the impossible.”

Chris Garrison

Director (Chief Problem Solver)

As a Director of APS, Chris has been able to apply the expertise accumulated from a rich and varied background in devising solutions for the often complex cultural challenges faced by clients. Chris is an executive coach with a Level 7 qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management and works closely with senior leaders to design and implement sustainable solutions for optimal workplace performance.

Naomi Osei

Senior Trainer (Dropper of the mic)

Armed with the burning desire to succeed against all odds, Naomi has stood in the face of much defeat but has refused to allow her circumstances to dictate her future or define her. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, bouncing back from temporary failure and committing to taking consistent action has contributed to her journey towards becoming the very best version of herself and empowering others to do the same!

Andy Hollingworth

Senior Trainer (Leadership nerd)

The power in leadership for Andy is to highlight the difference that we can make to others through our choices and actions. What sort of leader do you want to be and what do you want to be known for? I am motivated by empowering leaders to be truly authentic and comfortable being the best version of themselves to catalyse the ripple effect on their teams and business performance.

Christina Murdock

Senior Trainer (Resident script guru)

Christina’s varied career has always centred around utilising the power of storytelling, compassion and education. Driven by challenges, Christina inspires and empowers her audiences to have courageous conversations to connect in authentic, innovative ways.

Gina Abbequaye

Senior Trainer (Delivery headmistress)

Gina describes herself as a ‘life-long learner’, an educator, who encourages others to dream big, which leads to great ideas, that in turn result in innovations and changes for the future; inspiring and challenging learners to reach their full potential. She prides herself in having the innate ability to facilitate positive change, boost morale and articulate a compelling vision that inspires hope, courage, and the will to continually strive for excellence.

Thomas Mwadime

Senior Trainer (Jaffa Cake mafioso)

Thomas’ strength is facilitating insightful conversation that gets to the heart of the matter. He has a cheeky way of using humour to bring a touch of humanity to complicated and emotive conversations in a sensitive and measured way. His immigrant journey has given him a unique perspective on struggle, failure, hope, ambition, and achievement. It’s this perspective that has made his experiences a passport, and not a prison.

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